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06-Feb-2018 | 3 min read

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Post British Universities Cross Country championships last weekend, we saw passion and bloodshed for athletes respective University. I just wanted to take the time to create a short analysis of what the main differences were to being a student athlete at a University in the UK versus the US.

I believe I am quite well positioned to talk about this, I attended elite institutions in the UK and the US. Both institutions offered positives for athletes, the US is not the answer for all, and intuitions here in the UK can offer athletes a good pathway. I attended St Marys University in Twickenham, they have a high performance centre which has produced many talented athletes over the years, including Mo Farah. I remember thinking the facilities were incredible, and the opportunity was amazing. That was until I graduated from St Marys and got my masters at the University of Cincinnati, under which I could live as a professional athlete and was given all the tools to be successful in the classroom. I had two full time coaches, a full medical staff and facilities that I couldn’t even fathom being at a premier league club in the UK.

 Last weekend’s BUCS cross country was an excellent display of the best British talent based at Universities in the UK. The event is a direct relative of the NCAA championships; which is largely known as the third hardest cross country race in the world to win, behind the World Championships and the Kenyan national championships. I remember as a student in the UK, winning the BUCS short course race twice, and enjoying the comradery of having a team around me. Little did I know, the US offered this level of comradery on a daily basis. Every meet was important, the whole team travelled together and you represent your whole team when you step on the track or cross country course.

 My experience was unique, as will yours be! I went to the states 3 years too late, and wished I had the opportunity to reap the rewards of the fantastic facilities for longer!

Toby Loveridge, Head of Recruitment and Sports Consultant.


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