There are two options for you to consider when deciding how best to secure a sports scholarship to an American university. 

Option 1 - would be for you to consider pursuing a sports scholarship on your own.  This is not always easy, but it is certainly possible.  All of the information required is available online and this is a popular route for many scholarship hopefuls. There is clearly a reason why we exist, however the main benefit of pursuing the scholarship process by yourself is that it is completely free to do so. 

Option 2 - would be to sign with Trackbound USA. This means that you would have to pay a fee for our services and we would handle all aspects of the scholarship process on your behalf.  All Trackbound USA student-athletes benefit from utilising our expertise, experience and network whilst saving you the time and hassle of the scholarship process; ensuring a successful outcome for you and your family. 

Trackbound USA’s service has evolved over the years and has been successful in securing scholarships for many sportsmen & women to colleges and universities across the United States of America. 

OUR FEES: £1995.00 (British Pounds)

This is a one-off fee and entitles our student-athletes to a service that lasts for approximately 5 years; with the first year focused on securing suitable scholarship opportunities, and the years that follow providing mentoring and pastoral support to the athlete during their time in America.  There is also payment plan available to allow clients to spread the cost of the service fee over a period of time.






Assess & Evaluate Sporting and Academic Credentials
Grade Translation Report
GPA Analysis & Calculation
Pre-Qualification of Athletic Eligibility
University Placement & Planning
University Admissions Assistance
Video Portfolio
Sports Marketing & Promotion
Student Visa Assistance
SAT/ACT Test Prep & Guidance
Academic Scholarship Search
US University Transfer Assistance
Pastoral Care & Aftercare Support

Why Should I Choose Trackbound USA?

College sport is booming and the demand for international student-athletes continues to rise.

We harness this growing popularity and leverage student-athletes’ sporting talent to increase admission and scholarship at their choice colleges. With our service, comprehensive college planning and athletic guidance, let us help:

  • Maximize college admission, scholarship and recruitment opportunities
  • Full service, individualized, comprehensive college planning & athletic guidance
  • College matching that addresses the unique needs of you and your family
  • Simplify and streamline the athletic recruitment process

Do You Need to Work with an Agency?

No. The scholarship process is one that is open for all to pursue and is free to undertake on your own. For some, the prospect of investing money in the services of a scholarship agency is not viable therefore we would always encourage families to research the process thoroughly and engage with American coaches and universities directly on their own. This is a route that many families will take each year with some success.

When Should You Start the Process?

Ideally, prospective student-athletes will begin the scholarship process in the first half of their penultimate year of secondary school. In the second half of that year, they will then take the SAT or ACT exam for the first time (the exam may be retaken) and begin communication with university coaches. The most intensive time for scholarship recruiting in the USA is between July and December. Many coaches prefer processing and finalising commitments with recruits in those months during the students’ last year of secondary school.

What’s the Next Steps?

To work with us, prospective student-athletes or their parents would submit an initial application, which, after a conversation is followed-up by an interview between the student and one of our scholarship consultants. This is free of charge and we always seek to provide feedback to families after this process. If we believe the individual has a realistic opportunity to secure a scholarship, we will send a proposal offering the family the opportunity to sign with Trackbound USA and commence the sports scholarship process.


What happens on a call?

A call with our USA Education Consultants is your first chance to discuss your future academic or sporting pathways with an expert.

During the call, you will:

  • Get an idea of what it might take for you to reach your dream university
  • Get a personalised and detailed quote of our services based on your needs
  • Understand what financial and time commitment it will take to get into a top university
  • Discuss the strength of your application profile

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