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Our Service

Our Service

Each year millions of prospective student-athletes from around the world try to secure a sports scholarship to an American university. However, becoming a college athlete requires more than just excelling at your chosen sport.

With FirstPoint, student-athletes are assisted academically and athletically throughout the recruitment process with the guidance and support of our Talent Management Team, ensuring that every FirstPoint athlete is well-positioned to maximise scholarship offers and coach interest.

Supporting Student-Athletes & Families

FirstPoint offers two services to student-athletes and their families:

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FirstPoint Scholarship Platform (Free)

We want every aspiring student-athlete to have access to the life-changing opportunities that exist at university in the USA. That’s why we made our Scholarship Platform free for all to use.

Over the past 20 years, we have refined the tools that student-athletes need during the college recruiting process to find their college match. Using our hands-on guidance, college matching tools and network of 65,000+ college coaches, more than 30,000 student-athletes have made scholarship commitments.

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Advanced Service

Our Advanced Service covers every aspect of the scholarship journey, including admissions, scholarship brokering, and student visas. Our service is delivered in full until the student-athlete commits to a college that meets their academic, athletic, financial and social needs.

We’re also dedicated to providing pastoral care and support to athletes and their families throughout their scholarship, typically for four years. We make sure that every athlete has the support and guidance they need. And even though they’re far from home, help is always close-by.

All of this is included within our Advanced Service to those families who seek hands-on management of the sports scholarship recruitment process.Example Scholarship Offer
Example Scholarship Offer

Our Service

Connect athletes with best-fit universities based on athletic ability, academic strength, college characteristics and student preferences

Prepare and guide their athletes through the coach communication and scholarship negotiation processes

Assess and monitor student-athletes’ eligibility, including calculating GPA, meeting core course requirements, amateurism and eligibility centre registration

Produce and distribute a professional recruitment video that demonstrates an athlete’s full range of ability

Access one-on-one standardised test tutoring from our network of world-class tutors who are carefully matched to meet your individual learning style and academic goals

Common Application support, connecting student-athletes to FirstPoint's expert tutors, essay mentors and extracurricular advisors

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